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NYC Video Production
NYC Video Production
NYC Video Production
NYC Video Production
NYC Video Production

Jewelry Commercial

A group of friends prepare for an imminent proposal.

Mercedes-Benz: Milestones

A Mother’s Day journey produced for Mercedes-Benz.

Rubbermaid Brilliance

A new leak-proof container from Rubbermaid.


A 4 minute short film full of jogging and thievery.

Mr. Coffee

Treat yourself to a warm cup of joe.

Go and Discover

Create your own path with the G550 4X4².

Parker Pens

A gifting story from a luxury pen brand in Tokyo.

Museing the Muse

Finding animated inspiration.


Luxury meets performance.


A visit to the Computer License DMV.

Regal Wings

Take to the friendly skies!


A new self-sharpening cutlery block.

RDM (Robbins Digital Media) is an award-winning video production company servicing New York City and Atlanta, Georgia.

We create content that engages viewers, inspires action, and connects our clients with their audience. Specializing in advertisement, branded content, promotional, training, medical, and educational videos, RDM collaborates with clients to produce high-quality, eye-catching and exhilarating video projects. Whether you’re looking for live-action or animated productions, we provide talented artists and creative concepts to bring your ideas to life.


We develop stories that viewers remember. Capturing your audience’s attention all starts with the right idea, and a concept that fits both your brand and budget.


Scripting, storyboards, scouting, and schedules. We handle everything that leads to a seamless production and ensures your project’s success. Our coffee maker is always brewing.


Your story comes to life with the help of award-winning talent. We collaborate with brilliant actors and expert crews to tell engaging stories using all the fanciest do-dads.


From elaborate edits to finishing touches, we carefully stitch each story together. Editing, sound design, and color-correction merge to create your pièce de résistance.



311 West 43rd St.

New York, NY 10036

NYC Video Production