RDM (Robbins Digital Media) is a full-service video production company based in NYC. We collaborate with brands to tell stories, engage audiences, and inspire action.

I moved to New York in 2010 after several years in the industry. A one-man band that juggled writing, directing, editing, animating, and producing for a diverse range of clients.  I enjoy wearing multiple hats but I’m hired most as a Director, and while I love New York I spend as much time or more flying across the country and even outside of it to direct the next exciting project. It’s hard to juggle everything when you’re flying from LA to Tokyo to Colorado to Atlanta. It’s also hard to sleep, so I brought on a producer. When I got even busier I brought on a second producer, I hired an editor, and so on and so forth until eventually my one-man bad became an orchestra. A small orchestra.  A perfectly sized orchestra. Still resourceful, still nimble, still hungry, but sized to accommodate a growing thirst for sleek and exciting high-quality videos… plus the kind we make too.

*RDM is not an actual orchestra. Please do not contact us about musical performances.