RDM (Robbins Digital Media) is an award-winning video production company based in New York City. We create content that engages viewers, inspires action, and connects our clients with their audience. Specializing in advertisement, branded content, promotional, training, medical, and educational videos, RDM collaborates with clients to produce high-quality, eye-catching and exhilarating video projects. Whether you’re looking for live-action or animated productions, we provide talented artists and creative concepts to bring your ideas to life.
NYC Video Production
NYC Video Production
NYC Video Production
NYC Video Production

Great Things Happen

When You Press Play.

Angels cry when you press pause.

Greg Robbins

Greg Robbins is an award-winning director, editor, writer, and producer with over 10 years experience creating advertisements, branded content, product and training videos for a diverse range of clients.

As RDM, Greg collaborates with a multi-talented team of editors, animators, videographers and production crews to create high-quality videos for clients across the globe.

NYC Video Production Video Production
June 27, 2017

Jaguar Video Production

Shooting a few cars with Jaguar.

NYC Video Production Video Production
June 13, 2017

Houston Running Footage

A week long Running Footage production in Houston, Texas.
NYC Video Production Video Production
May 31, 2017

Scouting Alabama

A quick flight down to Alabama to scout several locations for an upcoming automotive shoot.