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01. Video

From storyboards and casting to lighting, shooting, and editing, we never shy away from an opportunity to make visually stunning work. Whether working with budgets of $10,000 or over a million, we pride ourselves on finding the most resourceful way to tell your story without compromising quality.

02. Animation

We create eye-popping motion-graphics, original illustrations, 3D models and fully animated videos. Our post-production team is unusually fond of sitting in dark rooms with squinty eyes and caffeinated beverages, making your story weird, and fun, and memorable.

03. Creative

We concept 5 new ideas each morning just for kicks. Challenge us to create something amazing and we’ll give you concepts so fresh you have to wear oven mitts. From creative stories that sell your brand to films and video games, our team has years of experience turning our musings into fun and engaging content.

04. Automotive

RDM spends an unhealthy amount of time producing content for some of the top automotive brands in the world. We create Running Footage, How Tos, Walkarounds, and Social Videos that make audiences seriously consider using a car as their primary mode of transportation.

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Our Pipeline

RDM produces award-winning commercials, branded content, social videos, product videos, medical, training, and just because videos. The right idea and careful planning lead to amazing results. We can guide your production from concept to completion, or oversee any individual aspect of the process. Tell us what you need and we’ll show you what we deliver.
1. Concepting
Previsualization, Brainstorming, Pitching Concepts, and Crafting Clever Ideas.

3. Production
Directing, Producing, Videography, Lighting, Wardrobe, Hair & Make-Up, Hovering Around Craft Services.
2. Pre-Production
Script Writing, Storyboards, Project Coordination, Casting, Location Scouting, Thinking Really Hard.
4. Post-Production
Editing, Color-Correction, Motion-Graphics, Animation, Sound Design, Compositing.